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So you think you should just develop your custom mobile app to reach zillions of users, make big money, and become famous? Well, today, I would like to address why you just should not do exactly this.

Thinking to develop your custom mobile app?

It Will Cost You Fortune

Money always comes first. How much does it cost you to make your custom mobile app depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Of course, it depends also on who and how builds the app. If you think to have something basic (like a calculator, stopwatch, or timer), you will pay a few thousand euro. And as the complexity increases so does the cost. A more complex mobile app can cost you easily more than a hundred thousand euro.

A mobile app can cost easily more than a hundred thousand euro

Well, and if you think you need something really fancy like the Facebook app, be ready to spend a few million euro. Last but not least, it would be a mistake to think of custom mobile app design and development as a one-time cost. Creating the app is only the tip of the iceberg. Plan a lot of money for some maintenance and several updates per year.

No One Will Use Your App Anyway

And then, it seems highly unlikely to achieve these three above mentioned things. It is estimated that around 1 out of every 10,000 mobile apps see some sort of success. And among them, just a small fragment becomes really popular. People spend nearly a few hours a day on their mobile phones and on apps, but only a few apps see heavy use. So, no matter how good your mobile app eventually is, the reality is that people spend the majority of their time on just a few apps.

No matter how good your mobile app eventually is, the reality is that people spend the majority of their time on just a few apps.

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Just around 1 out of 10,000 apps see some sort of success

Those essential apps do vary from person to person. However, the most popular apps in Czechia as well as in the world are instant messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Messenger, social media such as Facebook or Instagram. The social media and communication apps account for 50% of time spent on mobile apps globally. Then you have a handful of streaming apps such as YouTube, Netflix, or Spotify.

People spend time on just a few apps

As the evolution of mobile payments continues, today, people use the mobile phone more and more to pay for a wide range of services and goods. With that said, mobile wallet apps such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Samsung Pay belong to the most popular apps, too.

Mobile wallets belong to the most popular apps

Mobile Marketing Does Not Have To Involve Creating A Mobile App

You might think that a mobile wallet is just about payments. Actually, it is a service that manages digital content from multiple brands. Such as offers, coupons, loyalty rewards, tickets, boarding passes, and bus or train tickets, gift cards, information cards, loyalty cards, membership cards, hotel key cards, IDs, driver’s licenses, electronic receipts or product information. Beyond transactions, the mobile wallet allows for deals, promotions, or discounts to appear as push notifications on the lock screen of your mobile phone.

It is difficult to differentiate for small businesses. Difficult, but not impossible.

Mobile wallet manages branded digital content
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It is difficult to differentiate for small businesses. Difficult, but not impossible. Being memorable to your customers is crucial for long-term success. Provide great customer service, build strong relationships, and come up with something new.


Customer loyalty is always important. And even more in the current downturn. You can emerge from the pack leveraging the mobile wallet – a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform.

Leverage the mobile wallet

Engage customers with mobile phones offering them branded digital content for mobile wallets. Present people your deals, promotions, or discounts and make them feel appreciated. Despite this pandemic, people still look for deals.

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Talking Footballs

Most likely you have heard someone use the term “Near Field Communication”, or “NFC” in short, already. Very probably the mobile phone you are reading this article on has an NFC chip inside. NFC is an increasingly useful feature on mobile phones ﹣ a connectivity enabler.

Green Mobility

The German FlixMobility is a rapidly growing technology company that has become a leading European mobility platform. It enables people to get from A to B comfortably, quickly, and affordably by green FlixBus long-distance buses. Everyone probably knows them by now. They basically changed the way millions of people travel in Europe in less than seven years.

Never Stop Improving

Oliver Cromwell, one of the most controversial figures in British history, lived in the 1600s. Until the present time, he is called a dictator by some, and a hero by others. He said once: “He who stops being better stops being good.” I truly believe that in today’s fast-changing world, learning new things has to be seen as something that never stops. Like when sailing against the wind. If you are not good enough in how to go forward, you will suddenly find yourself going backward.

Prescription For Customer Engagement

You run your pharmacy or a health care centre. You might already know that establishing a loyalty program is an effective way to attract people. And you might even know that a loyalty program also encourages additional spending. But you keep repeating to yourself: There is no way of implementing such a thing with my independent pharmacy, or my health care centre.


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