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People spend more time on their mobile phones than on any other device nowadays. Nearly a few hours a day. Mobile phones are always with us and allow us to stay connected, shop, or stay informed. Mobile phones have been becoming the main screen in our lives. That creates an opportunity for smarter marketing. So what’s in it for a start-up or small business?

Mobile marketing will help you with increasing sales, generating more traffic, and boosting customer engagement. With a smart mobile marketing strategy, you will have a distinct edge over your competition and reap the benefits of increased sales and brand awareness. However, developing a mobile app would cost you a fortune. Easily more than a hundred thousand euro, if you would think to have something more complex than a calculator or a timer.

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Mobile Makes The Difference

You should have to start with your homepage. It must be mobile-friendly. Not just because people couldn’t read anything when opening it on their mobile phone. But it wouldn’t even pop up in the search results on Google while people are searching on their mobile phones.

Then, people have mobile wallets on their mobile phones that count to the most popular applications people use in general. Yes, that’s the service behind ever-increasing mobile payments. But beyond transactions, the mobile wallet allows people to use digital content from brands. Such as coupons and vouchers, customer cards, information cards, fan cards, subscription cards, business cards, property information passes, membership cards, event tickets and entry passes, all kinds of loyalty and reward cards, or booking confirmations, appointment tickets, and much more. People have them at their fingertips and can just tap and show to redeem, enter, or access their benefits.

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The mobile wallet is also great for you to engage with your customers. It allows for both your marketing and service-based communication to appear as push notifications on the lock screen of mobile phones. By adding your digital content, people can receive your push notifications, and you can provide real-time updates. Therefore you can use your digital content in peoples’ mobile wallets as your new engagement channel. And you don’t need a big fat budget for that, right?

Cost-effective mobile marketing sounded like a dream just a few years ago. Now it’s the reality. Stop dreaming and become digital. Take advantage of the mobile wallet working together with your social media and mobile-friendly homepage.

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