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The purpose of any charity event is to raise money for a good cause, right? So people should be aware that you are not only trying to get them to come to your event, but they will also have an opportunity for donating.

When promoting your charity event, you strive to eliminate spending to ensure that the vast majority of funds raised go directly to the charity. And advertising is expensive.

You Are On Your Own

Who tells you the media are happy to assist in charity functions by supplying free advertisement is terribly wrong. You also might believe you master the art of receiving a free advertisement for your charity event by converting your message into the news.

Well … forget that because the simple truth is that bad news sells. That is why bad news dominates the headlines all over the world. No one really cares that you do something good.

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You might get lucky meeting a big-hearted person running newspapers or a TV show that finds a way to enable you to pitch your story. But normally you are on your own with your good cause having just your own channels for promoting your charity event for free.

The word-of-mouth channel is the most senior one. It is definitely a viable way to promote your charity event. A credible, reliable endorsement from your friends, family, and supporters or sponsors continues to be one of the most powerful selling tools.

Then you can greatly benefit from staying active on your own internet website and social media channels. Blogging is one way that you can use to promote your charity event. You can also spread the word by sharing blog posts, links, and news articles on your social media channels – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Youtube – using consistent hashtags. These ways to promote your charity event take only time, not money.

Mobile Provides Opportunity

And have you ever considered to include mobile in your promotion strategy to enhance your other channels? Today, mobile marketing is an effective way to engage not only with the younger generation. Mobile marketing is also very economical and it can be even free if you remain within certain boundaries.

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People have their mobile phones with them every single day. That provides an excellent opportunity for charities and fundraisers to promote their good causes and to interact with people. It all starts with having a responsive and mobile-friendly website. This is a must.

Some large charities might also provide a mobile app. This, however, is a very expensive way of deploying a mobile marketing strategy. And it is a no-go for any small charity. Luckily, there is another way to be present on people’s mobile phone screens instead of spending time and money on developing and running a custom mobile app.

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You can offer people your branded digital content for their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Like the MDA RIDE, a small Czech charity helping people with muscular dystrophy. Their website, social media, and mobile wallet complement each other and work in harmony to enhance people’s experience.

Everyone can easily add their digital info card to the mobile wallet and conveniently follow the charity activities on the go.

The digital info card’s content can be dynamically updated sending out a push notification. This will place a message directly on the people’s lock screen. One would even consider replacing any email newsletters or printed leaflets with this functionality.

The digital info card also features a location-based notification functionality. And with those passive area-specific notifications, there are no limits to anyone’s creativity for engaging the people before, after, or even during your charity event.

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