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Of course, I am familiar with paper entry tickets that have probably got the number, your logo, and a few other details on them. But that is all that they can, right? And it is hard to sell them online.

In one of my last summer articles, I was writing that art galleries might want to come up with something new and find new ways to engage with visitors. Now, it is time to get rid of dull paper entry tickets once and for all and cut through the noise. But people love to buy stuff online, and this is not going to change. They also prefer shopping online for your digital single-entry passes or digital season passes. They can be simply added to Apple Wallet, selected Android wallets, and Google Pay by your visitors without downloading another app.

Get Rid Of Paper

Museums, science centers, art galleries, historical societies, zoos, aquariums, etc. can cut costs, get rid of paper, and introduce digital entry passes for mobile wallets that are safe, convenient, and flexible. No printing fees, no shipping fees, no transfer fees. This is the newest form of electronic ticketing that sets you free from third-party ticketing platforms that just want your customer data for nothing in return.

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Just imagine that upon arriving at your place, the mobile wallet already offers the right digital entry pass on the lock screen of the mobile phone. Visitors just tap and show or scan to enter. It is quick, truly contactless, and eco-conscious. People will not worry about losing a ticket or realizing a left ticket at home upon arrival as their digital entry pass is saved in their mobile wallet.

How can you generate more revenue by selling digital entry passes to visitors? On our mobile phones, we all have mobile wallets that count to the most popular applications. The mobile wallet is the service behind ever-increasing mobile payments. And beyond transactions, the mobile wallet allows us to use digital content from brands. Such as coupons, store cards, event tickets, boarding passes, and … also your digital entry passes.

Digital Entry Pass Packed With Appealing Features

The digital entry passes are great for you to engage with your visitors. They are interactive and allow you for sending push notifications not only with exclusive content and other important announcements, but also with your deals, promotions, or discounts. No doubt, everyone likes good deals, right? Serve people first-hand information complementing your websites, social media, and printed materials. Promote and sell membership, and up-sell special tickets for other exhibitions, or events, as well as “VIP” tickets. All in a very cost-efficient manner. You can also provide visitors with useful real-time information. Clickable links on the digital entry pass backside allow people to check schedules, read about highlights, as well as open or download a visitor guide conveniently directly from their mobile phone.

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So, are you ready to unlock a completely new and enhanced way of visitor engagement? Or to make your tickets smarter while cutting costs of printing leaflets, maps, brochures, and guides? Or perhaps to become digital and generate more revenue?

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