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The iconic Wembley Stadium, the largest stadium in the UK and the second-largest stadium in Europe with 90,000 seats, launched its contactless mobile-only ticketing innovation about two years ago. The mobile ticket technology allows fans to seamlessly and securely enter live events with contactless tickets added to their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. What are you waiting for?

Mobile Event Tickets

The integration of entry tickets with mobile wallets simplifies customers’ experience while enhancing security and fostering more personalized engagement. The mobile wallet technology makes physical tickets outdated, unnecessary, and boring. There is also no need for print-at-home tickets anymore.

Let your customers enter a basic set of information. And later, surprise them with a useful and personalized message when they don’t expect it. When people buy entry tickets through your event website using a mobile phone – and maybe even paying via Apple Pay or Google Pay – they can simply add the ticket to their mobile wallet. In other cases, you can text or email them a link for downloading their ticket to the mobile wallet. Mobile entry tickets make an online purchase much easier. The whole distribution consists of downloading the mobile entry ticket directly into the mobile phone through a link.

It Makes Sense

It is then stored at a place people expect it. In their mobile wallet along with other cards, passes, and coupons they have stored. No one needs to worry about losing a ticket anymore, or realizing that tickets are left at home when arriving at the venue. It is so much easier and quicker way of getting into events. Removing the hassle of paper tickets as well as touching staff working at the checkpoints, it is very convenient. It just makes sense. It is how the near future of getting into venues looks like.

Upon arriving at an event, the mobile wallet already offers the right entry ticket on the lock screen of the mobile phone. You just tap and show. People don’t have to wait in lines anymore when entering the venue. They just present their tickets including a barcode for verification directly on their mobile phones. Even if they lose internet access. As well as entering events with their contactless mobile tickets, people use mobile payments to buy food and beverages with their mobile phones.

As an event organizer, you have no printing costs and no delivery costs with mobile tickets. Each of your branded mobile tickets features dynamically generated ticket information and a unique barcode.

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Event Marketing

The fact that mobile wallets have become part of our daily lives makes it a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform. The event organizers can use it to deliver value to their customers – visitors and exhibitors – as the mobile wallet enables the organizers to cut through the noise and have an ongoing supportive connection to them.

Your mobile entry tickets are packed with appealing features. They are dynamic and allow people to view useful real-time information on your event. Thanks to the clickable links on the backside, people can view a schedule, read about highlights, or download an event guide. People can also locate the venue conveniently directly from their mobile phone, or make a one-click call or send a one-click email to your support team.

New Customer Communication Channel

Your mobile entry tickets are also interactive. They work for you as a smart bookmark to your event on your customers’ mobile phones. It allows you for customer communication without emails or texts. It allows your messages to appear as push notifications on your customers’ lock screen.

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Use push notifications as your new customer communication channel. Keep people that have your mobile entry tickets stored in their mobile wallet up to date with important news delivered in a new and extremely effective way – straight on their lock screen. Collect feedback from your customers. Promote your event sponsors and partners. Replace email newsletters.

In situations when the event organizers need to contact all visitors at once, everything that has to be done is sending a single message. This way, visitors can instantly be informed about important changes. Without ever reprinting tickets, right?

The event organizers can deploy relevance information. Up to ten relevant locations can be added to your mobile entry tickets. By moving around your event venue, visitors could easily find out more about what happens where. It is a great way to make a complex event run more smoothly.

Every mobile entry ticket can be updated at any time after saved on peoples’ mobile phones. Just anything can be changed: the content, the design, and even the style itself. After the event, you might want to turn it into a mobile coupon from the main partner or sponsor creating a new business opportunity.

Mobile event tickets are easy to issue, easy to scan and give you a new way to communicate with your customers before, during, and after your event.

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