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Who loves to travel? I bet a lot of you do! It seems we will be free to travel again soon. Free to get on a plane or take a drive to meet a customer, or to go somewhere you have never been. But before we take off, let’s take a look at some of my favorite travel hacks.

Never Check Your Bag

The ones who know me would confirm that this is my absolute favorite travel hack. Seriously. Even if it might seem hard to avoid when traveling overseas or doing extended travel. Always pack your stuff wisely. Then you can avoid lost baggage nightmares. And save at least half an hour of each trip as you don’t have to interact with staff to check it. Then you don’t have to wait with the huddled masses for it to hopefully arrive on the baggage carousel saving another half an hour. Setting aside bag check fees, right? Or getting a better rental car or getting to my bed that much quicker.

Use Digital Boarding Passes

If you have never taken advantage of digital boarding passes, you are missing out. Losing a slip of paper is easy while searching for your boarding gate. A digital boarding pass makes perfect sense. You can download it to your mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay from your airline’s mobile app or website. And then experience the ease of simply scanning your mobile phone at security checks.

Download Offline Maps

I always download Google Maps of my destination so that I can use them when I am offline. It is great to save my mobile phone battery life and useful if I lose my data connection for any reason. Once offline, the map works as it normally would, offering you walking, driving, or transit directions. All you need is enough storage on your mobile phone. And you will never get lost.

Bring Your Own Bottle

A bottle with liquid in it is a no-go at airport security gates. So, instead of bringing a full bottle, you can carry an empty water bottle. And refill it as needed at water fountains through the airport after you have passed through security. You will save money by not paying the top price for water bottles at the airport, and help the environment.

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Have A Pen

You should be prepared for paperwork while you travel. Even in these digital times, keep a pen in your bag. There will always be a need for it — especially when you need to fill in the immigration slip saving you time queuing for one within the airport.

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