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You’ve been reading about mobile marketing on this blog for a while. Have you managed to find your good reason for becoming digital? It doesn’t matter if you haven’t, I’ve got plenty of time to help you. You can easily connect with me.

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I have 27+ years of experience in different sales roles within multiple industries. And recently, I also co-founded Digikupon, a B-to-B software service company, that makes mobile marketing affordable and easy to use. Digikupon was born in Europe in 2019 and is available worldwide. It provides businesses with self-service tools that help businesses attract, serve, and retain customers by creating digital experiences for customers through mobile phones with our mobile wallet, proximity, and incentive solutions. Digikupon also easily links to and integrates with a wide range of software solutions allowing to programmatically automate and simplify the creating, updating, and deleting of custom branded digital content for mobile wallets.

Sincerely, Ladislav Poledna

He who stops being better stops being good.

Oliver Cromwell