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I would like to bring you also other perspectives on this Become Digital blog from time to time. So I will ask various experts with different backgrounds for their insights, experiences, and opinions about our cashless future.

Further increase of electronic payments is moving us towards a cashless world

According to Wirecard, a provider of financial technology, seven megatrends drive change within today’s payment industry. Further increase of electronic payments and the revolutionary blockchain technology enabling electronic processing of cash-like virtual money are moving us towards one of them, a cashless world.

Rostyslav Dobryanskyy, branch manager at Ukrainian branch of app2drive Deutschland

Let’s start with Rostyslav Dobryanskyy, branch manager at the Ukrainian branch of app2drive Deutschland, a mobile app-based car rental company.

Welcome On The Become Digital Blog. Rostyslav, What Do You Think About The Cashless World?

Thanks for having me here. I would start with Facebook. This social network has quietly prepared its own global digital currency called Libra for more than a year. And what they formally announced in their whitepaper last month seems to be a frontal assault on the world of financial services.

Facebook has quietly prepared its own global digital currency called Libra

??? 😮

I’m not overdoing – just look with me at a few numbers into the 2018 Global Digital Report: mobile phones are used by 5 billion people worldwide, internet by 4 billion, more than 3 billion are on social media and Facebook alone has about 2.4 billion users. Unlike other cryptocurrency projects, Facebook isn’t starting from scratch. They can leverage their users to adopt Libra and push it into the mainstream.

What will happen then to all those small pieces of paper and plastic we have in leather wallets in our pockets? They will become obsolete and people will take less stuff out with them. So people will be leaving their house with just a mobile phone.

I’m sure that if you don’t become digital now, you’ll hate yourself later.

Leather wallets in our pockets will become obsolete

If you don’t become digital now, you’ll hate yourself later

Rostyslav Dobryanskyy

Do People Have Trust In The New Technologies?

Oh yes. Just look at how people pay in China. Nowhere is the cashless trend more obvious than there – dominated by two mobile apps, Alipay, and WeChat Pay. Or entire Sweden is almost cashless. And Swedes are not concerned at all. The convenience of having your bank account, your money at your fingertips or on your wrist vastly outweighs any concerns.

Cashless trend in China is dominated by two mobile apps, Alipay, and WeChat Pay

How Do You See The Near Future Of A Car Rental Company?

Imagine you just landed in a nice city. Of course, you had booked yourself a car through a mobile app beforehand to be able to see more of the city. After your reservation, you were provided with your digital car rental pass. Yes, it is similar to your digital boarding pass for your flight.

After your reservation, you were provided by your digital car rental pass

You had added the digital car rental pass to your mobile phone. As it is dynamic, clickable links on the backside allow you conveniently directly from your mobile phone to locate your car, view details of your reservation, or modify it, as well as make a one-click call to car rental’s customer service.

Digital car rental pass in your mobile phone

In order to unlock the car, you require nothing but your mobile phone with the digital car rental pass. It contains a unique NFC code which safely opens the door.

Every digital pass can be changed after it’s saved on people’s mobile phones. Just anything can be changed: content, design and even the type itself. So, once you sit in the car, the car rental company can convert the digital pass into a digital customer card.

Digital pass can be converted into a digital customer card

All digital cards are interactive. So the car rental company can continue to notify you about new offers, or send you regular updates and collect feedback in a new and extremely effective way – straight on your lock screen, and establish a new way of communication, making you feel special and appreciated.

Establishing a new way of communication, making people feel special and appreciated

For instance, the car rental company can also reward you for your recent purchase by sending you digital money to your digital customer card. Would you delete your customer card now? I guess not. You can pay with it in any store or gas station, you can share it with friends, or you can use it towards a next purchase with the car rental company.

It is powered by the blockchain, a technology for recording transactions resistant to modification of the data. Each and every digital customer card is so real money guaranteed by the incorruptible technology. That means no cheating, no stealing.

Many Thanks For The Interview!

Blockchain is a incorruptible technology for recording transactions

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