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Well, today it won’t be just another article about the three, five or seven biggest challenges real estate agents are facing and how to handle them. This piece is a tip on how you can outperform your clients in marketing, and stand out from competitors.

If you are a small real estate agency or a large brokerage, you probably struggle with the same things in one way or another. From the neverending building and cultivating your database for leads and referrals, all the way down to the costly, and less effective online advertising.

Small real estate agencies and large brokerages struggle with the same things

Most real estate agents already know very well that people will not just start calling and hiring them to sell, buy or rent a house, office or an apartment. They also know they need to figure out people, sales, and psychology by themselves. And, of course, marketing. You want to let people know what you are doing, and what is your added value for your client while staying current with peoples’ habits. 

Show up on people’s lock screen

People are always on their mobile phones

While people are always on their mobile phones, it is a good idea of having a mobile marketing strategy. But developing your own mobile app is expensive and time-consuming. And I am not even considering the cost of its necessary maintenance yet.

You don’t have to develop a mobile app

Have a mobile marketing strategy

Actually, you don’t have to develop a mobile app. You can stick to the available platform where people spend time. Well, have you also thought that mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay, are only about payments? 

Stick to the available platform where people spend time

Let me explain how to engage people with the mobile wallet. And let me help you to form the basis of your affordable mobile marketing strategy.

You might consider creating a digital pass for each property listing. Then, you can add links to them on your website, social media, or corresponding print materials. So interested buyers can download information about a particular property to their mobile phone. And to take it with them easily when they tour potential purchases. You can even send those links to people by email or text message.

Create a digital pass for each property listing

The digital pass is dynamic. The clickable links on the backside allow interested buyers – in a convenient way directly from their mobile phone – to find a particular property. Or to read the important information, make a one-click reservation of a meeting or presentation. And of course to call you without searching for your contact details.

Interested buyers can download information about a particular property to their mobile phone

And as the digital pass is also interactive, you can notify those interested buyers of status changes at a particular property. Let people know that an offer is received, or about a price reduction, or send people regular updates and collect feedback. All that in a new and extremely effective way – straight on people’s lock screen.

Engage People On Mobile Phones

A relevant digital pass and a custom message show up on the lock screen of the right people

Add also property geolocation information to each digital pass. This further enhances the interested buyer’s experience. A relevant digital pass and a custom message show up on the lock screen as soon as the interested buyer reaches a certain location, or at a given time. The digital pass can be opened directly from the lock screen without having to look for anything.

When a property goes out of inventory, convert the digital pass into your digital business card

Last but not least, every digital pass can be changed after it’s saved on people’s mobile phones. Just anything can be changed: content, design and even the style of the digital content itself. When a particular property goes out of inventory for instance. You can convert the digital pass into your digital business card. Or you might want simply substitute a similar property in a nearby neighborhood. So you can continue to notify customers about new offers, and establish a new way of communication – making them feel special and appreciated.

Continue to notify customers about new offers

Being a real estate agent is not the same as it was a decade ago. Homeowners feel more comfortable working with tech-savvy real estate agents. And that makes staying on top of the most recent tech trends a must. Foremost, keep yourself informed. And add this blog to your reading list, so you can learn more about affordable mobile marketing.

Homeowners feel more comfortable working with tech-savvy real estate agents

Finding this article interesting? Stay ahead of the curve and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest mobile marketing happenings. Every few weeks, there is a new Become Digital story for people like you. And as nobody wants to fill out forms, the subscription is easy and free. Just add the digital subscription card into your mobile wallet and this smart bookmark will let you know about a new story.


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