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In a super competitive space of VIP and concierge services, mobile marketing is a great way to make a lasting connection with your clients. You work behind the scenes to save people time – managing some of their tasks including planning, transportation, and other assistance. Here is an opportunity to reap big rewards from an easy add-on to your current marketing plans.

A smart bookmark to the entire stay

Instead of a plastic card with a magnetic stripe, or a paper print-out, you can provide your guest with a digital stay pass for the mobile wallet. By doing so, you can open a new dynamic communication channel. And engage your guest with the most direct communication. Your digital stay pass can include texts, images, and also links to visuals, audio and video, websites or social media. It can play the role of a smart bookmark to the entire stay providing all details starting with important times all over to entertainment options. If equipped with the NFC code, it can even safely open and lock doors.

Engage your guest with the most direct communication


Let people enjoy personalized, tailor-made services. Perhaps you are a VIP host and you have a guest who shows up without telling you. You can make him think you know that he has arrived. Get his attention and make him feel special and appreciated. There is nothing easier than using the geo-location messaging feature on your digital guest pass for the mobile wallet. A message will pop up on your guest’s mobile phone lock screen upon his arrival to town. For example – in the baggage claim area at the airport. This is a connection that enables you to engage your guests on the mobile phone and to send relevant updates and information in real time.

People enjoy personalized, tailor-made services


Let’s take a music club for instance. Having a special event? Send an update to the mobile phones of your regular visitors with the information you want them to see. The chances that they will read your information and act on it are much greater than if you send them an email. And the response rate is as good as with text messages. Everyone likes a good deal or appreciates a reminder or a notice that something new and good is happening. But, you should not “overmessage”. No one wants to be constantly bombarded with tons of messages. The average piece of mobile wallet digital content is retained by well over 90% of users. So make sure you are keeping up with the average.

Everyone appreciates a notice that something good is happening

Unequaled Excellence

Geo-location is the one big thing you can’t effectively do with text messages. What does this mean? With an average 60% location opt-in rate and half of users opting in to receive push notifications, most custom mobile apps can reach more than half of their users with location-triggered messages. The good news is that you don’t have to have a custom mobile app. It is costly to develop and extremely time-consuming to manage, right?

The good news is that you don’t have to have a custom mobile app

And anyway, people spend the majority of their time on just a few mobile apps such as messaging and social media apps. Mobile wallets are one of those platforms. Just ask people to add your content to their mobile wallet. It lets people take various actions in the real world and you can update it anytime. You can personalize your content based on the context of the individual user bridging the physical and digital worlds. And to send actionable messages at the moments when they can be used.

Ask people to add your content to their mobile wallet

Done successfully, location-based targeting improves response rates dramatically. Generally, mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay trigger a notification when people enter a (through the GPS coordinates) predefined location.

Promote your content the same way you would build a mailing list, or acquire social media followers. There is no real magic here. Acquiring users takes some time and effort, just like every other marketing campaign.

Promote your content

Location Is A Key Component

Location is a key component of your mobile marketing. Think, how you are able to use location to engage with your customers who have visited or are currently visiting a specific location.

Location is a key component

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Operating a food truck takes more than a great recipe. Yes, your food truck’s menu is your essential marketing component. You should play with words and find terms to draw in people and keep fans coming back. A brick-and-mortar cafe or restaurant can heavily rely on returning customers. You aim to bring your small business to your customers, not the other way around. And this means that you need to communicate even more clearly and more frequently with your customers.

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Back in February, I wrote here about five ways small businesses can use the features of mobile wallets to build and run a smart and simple loyalty program. Without any additional mobile app to be downloaded by customers, and in a very cost-efficient manner. Digital stamp cards are easy to track and people can’t lose them. So how do digital stamp cards work?

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