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The German FlixMobility is a rapidly growing technology company that has become a leading European mobility platform. It enables people to get from A to B comfortably, quickly, and affordably by green FlixBus long-distance buses. Everyone probably knows them by now. They basically changed the way millions of people travel in Europe in less than seven years.

They launched FlixTrain in 2018 expanding the Flix network into the long-distance railway services in Germany. And FlixCar came this year. It is a carpooling platform connecting French drivers with passengers who want to reach the same destination.

But what you maybe don’t know is that FlixMobility doesn’t own any buses or trains, and doesn’t employ any drivers. FlixMobility runs its services in cooperation with local private bus and train companies and it relies on its partners for daily operations. FlixMobility is then responsible for technology development, network planning, operations control, marketing and sales, quality management, and continuous product expansion and retains about 25% of the ticket price. Regardless of ownership, the buses and trains are branded in their distinct green company color. This helped them build a strong brand while making it easier for customers to find.

The success of the FlixBus brand can be attributed to the digitalization of the traditional bus industry. They have changed the bus travel landscape with digital solutions such as mobile apps, digital boarding passes, dynamic price management, and GPS live tracking.

User-Friendly And Eco-Friendly

Customers can conveniently book through the FlixBus mobile app or website. Then they can pay securely by mobile payment services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. And then customers can easily add their digital boarding passes to their Apple and Google mobile wallets. No need to print anything. FlixMobility claims the digital tickets already saved almost 2 million pages of paper. Yes, go green, right? And when making an online booking, you can even decide for offsetting your climate impact with an environmental contribution of about 1% to 3% of the travel price. Simply by ticking the “CO2 compensation” box. FlixMobility then invests those customers’ donations in certified climate protection projects.

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Having a FlixBus digital boarding pass in your mobile wallet, you have access to your trip information and ticket at your fingertips at any time. It will guide you to your bus stop. And important information on delays or changes will be shared with you by push notifications. Then, simply present your digital boarding pass with your mobile phone, climb on board, and relax.

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