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Sports clubs could take fandom to the next level. Just give the die-hard fans the best way to show their support every day. How? Why don’t you allow your ultimate fans to support your team by signing up for an ultimate digital fan card packed with game-changing features? Welcome to sports mobile marketing …

Take fandom to the next level

How long has it been since you last checked your mobile phone? My guess is you are either reading this piece from your phone, or you answered: “Just a few minutes ago.”. If you did, you are not alone – people spend nearly a few hours a day on their mobile phones. Having a mobile marketing strategy is about your fans. It is about staying current with peoples’ habits. It is about how we now live our lives and have all the information at our fingertips through our mobile phones. One half of online traffic already comes from mobile devices.

People spend nearly a few hours a day on their mobile phones

Mobile Marketing

Quite simply, mobile marketing is no longer an innovation but part of the most important decisions. Virtually all Millenials are mobile users and in general, people check their phones up to 200 times per day.

No need to develop your own mobile app

And sports clubs, whether local or professional, do not have to develop their mobile apps to add mobile to be used to extend, enhance or replace other channels. Just offer your fans signing up for a digital fan card for their mobile wallets – such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay – to heighten their sporting event experience due to real-time information it can provide. Unlike mobile apps, the digital fan card needs much less memory on the mobile phone, and it does not need updates, maintenance or service resources.

A piece of plastic or paper has never been so powerful or so personal

Instead of advertising on a huge billboard and hoping that those that drive by will see it, you can give personal attention to the individual people. You can send your message right to the individual peoples’ lock screen creating great value for them. And you know that when they glance at their mobile phone, they already have your message. This personal touch is quite powerful. And a piece of plastic or paper has never been so powerful or so personal.

Mobile marketing

Digital Fan Card

Sports fans want first-hand information and they are tired of looking for news from various sources. Websites, social media, printed materials and mobile wallets of both local and professional clubs can complement each other and work in line with the goal to enhance the experience of fans, visitors and club members, developing the community and increasing attendance at individual home-games.

Ask people to add your digital fan card to their mobile wallets

Your fans are passionate about your team. Let them show your team spirit. Find a good time when you can ask them to add your digital fan card to their mobile wallets – and opt-in for push notifications and automatic updates – to let them know of your news, events and much more. Your digital fan card – designed with your team’s visual brand language – can be easily distributed through QR codes on your printed materials and links on your websites and social media. You could also add the same QR code to the front-side of the digital fan card enabling easy peer-to-peer sharing.

Send customized messages at the right place

On top of that, the mobile phone can detect those individual people are at the right place and have the digital fan card stored, so it automatically offers it to their lock screen showing a customized message. People have it at their fingertips and they don’t have to look for it anywhere.

Push notification on the lock screen

People can use Apple Wallet or Google Pay even if they are not using them to pay for goods and services. And even if you are not set up to accept contactless payments, or you are in a country that hasn’t yet rolled out the Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can still get your sports club into your customers’ preferred mobile wallet app. Just get creative and have your own anonymous or personalized digital fan card.

Team/Club News

Utilize push notifications to keep people up to date with any team or club news. This could include new player signings, exclusive content – interviews with their favorite players or videos of training, or other important announcements, such as announcing the upcoming games. Give people a digital gameplan on the go. Replace any email newsletters you might be sending to them. Drop issuing printed home-game program brochures.

Keep people up to date

Charity Events

Many would host charity events through the season to raise money for good causes. Events can be promoted through push notifications sent to people. Think about your call to action when sending your message. You can include a link to a page on your website to either purchase tickets or to read further details about your fundraising campaign. If you want people to donate money then you include a link to this.

Ticket Sales

You are running many live sporting events for people to watch. Allow people to purchase a home-game ticket or a season pass conveniently from their mobile phone. People can spend less time at the cash register and more time watching the game thanks to mobile payments through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Plus, moving your digital fan card into peoples’ mobile wallet takes just one minute. Also, tickets occasionally go on sale very early in the morning. Send a push notification reminder to your fans to let them know when tickets are on sale so they don’t miss out.


There are matches that need to be postponed or canceled, due to poor weather, or another reason. Ensure your fans know about sudden changes, the earlier, the better.

Weather Advice

And some games may be played in less than ideal conditions. If the weather has been particularly bad, why not let people know they might need to dress warmly, have appropriate footwear or an umbrella. People like it when they are given the correct advice. And supplying real-time information is something sports fans are surely looking for.

Score Alerts/Commentary

Many fans will be keen to keep up to speed with the latest score results and commentary, especially if they’re unable to watch the match. Send score alerts or analysis for any key events throughout a game to keep fans up to date.

Send score alerts or analysis for any key events


Throughout the season most sports teams will both partake in various competitions. Keep fans up to date with any games their team has got through to including draw details and use this as an opportunity to let them know when they can get their hands on tickets!

Team Gear

Send people a digital discount coupon or digital voucher for purchase in your fan shop. Who doesn’t like discount coupons and vouchers?

Collect Feedback

You can include a link to a page on your website to let people tell you what you want to know. It can be a survey today, or a fan registration tomorrow. Let people download your team wallpapers. Or add various competitions and polls. Yes, your fan card can unlock for people the exclusive chance to win tickets, team gear or anything else. And people love to join conveniently from their mobile phone.

People love to join conveniently from their mobile phone

Your Partners And Sponsors

Keep up to date with the latest sports digital trends to build your digital fan base and deliver great results for your partners and sponsors. Throughout the whole year, you could promote their exclusive deals, promotions and discounts campaigns.

Decline In Physical Sports Cards?

Although physical trading-cards remain popular, people are increasingly shifting their attention to the digital world – and sports aren’t immune. For trading-card enthusiasts, sports clubs could offer a shot at rare finds, such as limited-edition digital autographed cards. You can attract a variety of fans, whether young or adult, looking for rarer cards – digital cards.

How often should you send push notifications?

Messaging Strategy

How often should you send push notifications? This is one of the questions businesses ask most frequently in conversations with me. Yet the answer depends on your fans’ expectations. Ask yourselves the following questions:

  • Is the topic something people asked for?
  • Is this an expected communication?
  • Is this message helpful to my fans?
  • How does this message provide utility, benefit or delight to the fans?

And when the push notification is self-serving, such as a promotional message people didn’t request, tread lightly and send push notifications sparingly. Here are a few push notifications tips that I’ve seen work:

  • Get people to perform a specific task.
  • Make your news time-sensitive.
  • Make your offers personal.
  • Create exclusive offers to build relationships.
  • Make location-centric offers.
  • Keep your messages short.

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