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She is a student. Between class and a part-time job, she stops at the campus library to print out a research paper. She enters the building and a security guy watches as she is fumbling through her bag in search of her student ID. After a while, she comes to the conclusion – she left it on her desk this morning. She is rushing back to her dorm to grab it, but can’t get into the building without her ID card. Before she can call her roommate for help, the alarm rings on her mobile phone. It’s morning. Everything is fine. She has her digital student ID card in her mobile wallet and always on hand.

She is a student

Students use physical (plastic) cards as a combination of student identification and a semester card. They also use them to pay for meals, enter buildings, take out library books, to access the gym, and lots more. The convenience of bringing all that functionality into a mobile phone is hard to argue with.

Digital Student ID Cards

Students use digital ID cards also to enter buildings

Digital student ID cards can make use of near-field communication (NFC). They can live in Apple Wallet linked to Apple Pay, or they can be part of Google Pay. This technology can improve students’ everyday experiences. Mobile wallets on their mobile phones will allow them to access buildings and campus events, get easily into their dorms, use printing terminals, or pay for lunch, laundry or snacks and make payments across campus in an easier way – without the need to carry a physical card.

Digital student ID cards

Since access to mobile wallet requires verification using face or fingerprint identification or entering a passcode, a digital student ID card is less prone to a loss or theft. Students can no longer have to worry about misplacing their physical cards. Also, unlike a physical card, the digital student ID card can show various information such as the remaining balance on a meal plan. A student ID photo can also be displayed as a thumbnail image on the front of the digital ID card.

Mobile Wallets Are Becoming Integrated With Everyday Life

People already use the mobile wallet to store credit and debit cards. And to pay for products or services, as well as for other purposes. Such as storing boarding passes, loyalty cards, discount coupons, concert tickets and much more. So students can leave their physical wallets behind. And use their iPhone and Apple Watch, or Android phones to buy gear at the campus store and enter their dorms, dining halls, gyms and more.

Buy stuff using Apple Watch

Barcode Is Just Data

Barcodes can link the digital student ID card to your records. Your server has the up-to-date records about your school, and the digital student ID card is a copy of those records. The most common use for a barcode is to contain a unique code that points to corresponding records on your server. This code lets you consult your server to update a balance, or confirm that an ID card is valid by using a manual barcode scanner. And because the barcode message is data, there’s nothing limiting you from using it to store information. The amount of data that you can include in a barcode depends on the barcode format and the conditions under which you scan the barcode. The barcode format defines a maximum that it supports, but scanning conditions often lower this limit.

Do you know of a university or a college in your country which has already implemented their own digital ID technology? If so I’d love to hear from you.

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