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Back in February, I wrote here about five ways small businesses can use the features of mobile wallets to build and run a smart and simple loyalty program. Without any additional mobile app to be downloaded by customers, and in a very cost-efficient manner. Digital stamp cards are easy to track and people can’t lose them. So how do digital stamp cards work?

They actually build loyalty in a similar way to old-fashioned paper stamp cards. Every time your customers make a qualifying purchase, pay a visit, or do any other predetermined action, they get a stamp. Once people collect a predefined number of stamps, they can trade them in for a reward. It is up to you to decide how many purchases people need to make, as well as what the reward is. Customer loyalty is based on familiarity, value, and trust. Your loyalty program should intensify those feelings. It should be digital and integrated with peoples’ mobile wallets so customers don’t have to download an eighth loyalty app to their mobile phone.

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Digital stamp cards are a secret weapon for any little coffee shop, sweet shop, or local restaurant, and sandwich store. If you drive around with your food truck or run a retail store in the neighborhood, can make the mobile wallet a win for you and your customers.

As soon as people register for your loyalty program by entering a few basic data, they would simply download their new digital stamp card directly to their mobile wallet. No paper. No hassle. It is a win-win arrangement. You can work with this data and show up on your customers’ lock screen with tailored deals and promotions, or exclusive content. People don’t need to carry a paper card. They don’t even need to remember about their loyalty card. It is always on hand, living in their mobile wallet. The mobile wallet offers the right digital stamp card on the lock screen of customers’ mobile phones upon arriving at predefined places together with location-specific messages. People can just tap and scan for flashing a new digital stamp or to redeem their reward.

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As a scanning tool, you can use any computer with a camera, mobile phone, or tablet. You would scan the QR code on a digital stamp card that your customer is presenting you on his or her mobile phone screen for flashing a new digital stamp or redeeming a reward. That’s it. Just like putting a stamp onto a paper card.

Your digital stamp cards can help you to keep a constant meaningful dialogue with customers. They will become a new communication channel to your customers. You can use push notifications to re-engage your customers with messages delivered in a new and extremely effective way — straight on their lock screen — at the right time or in the right place.

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