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Choosing the right courier service is vital for any large, small, or starting an online business. Well, the courier service has to work hand in hand with the online business to ensure its customers are satisfied. And the courier service also forms the overall impression of the online business.

Keep In Touch With People

Parcel and courier services should keep people updated as to where their parcel is and when they can expect to receive it. However, sometimes, it seems to be less efficient than it could be. To maintain customer loyalty, it is very important to provide accurate and timely updates about the status of parcels.

When you consider how recipients would like to be notified, things have changed drastically in this respect. People now dictate the channel (or channels) it takes place in. And there are more and more of those channels for you to adopt. Beyond your website and email, it is the ever-increasing number of social media and messaging platforms. And, last but not least, mobile phones on which people spend so much of their time. While text messages and emails have been around for a long time, social media have come into play recently. And now, people basically live on a mobile phone.

Mobile-First Becomes The Norm

What do I mean by mobile-first? It is a way of thinking about user experience. It is about optimizing your presentation and communication for mobile phones. Like when designing a website, you start with the mobile version that is then adapted to larger screens. You should approach your communication in the same way. Design your communication for mobile phones and then adapt it to other channels.

You should rather get ready to show up on your customers’ lock screen with push notifications, right? The good news is that you don’t have to develop your mobile app to add mobile to be used to extend, enhance, or replace other channels. You can just offer your customers your branded digital content for their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. That helps people to stay mobile while tracking their parcels without a need to download another mobile app.

Mobile wallets are installed on just about every mobile phone. They are convenient as retailers across entire Europe do accept mobile payments and people enjoy the tap-and-go experience. And finally, they are more secure due to tokenized and encrypted transactions, especially when compared to cash and credit cards.

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Digital Parcel Pass

You might want to generate a digital pass for each individual parcel and deliver it to recipients via text message. People will download the digital parcel pass into their mobile wallet and will have it always at hand. Such a digital parcel pass is dynamic, and the links on the backside allow customers to view incoming parcel information and tracking details. Conveniently, on their mobile phone, without having to enter tracking details.

People can also locate a pick-up place if it is not at home. Or to unlock a self-service parcel locker just with the mobile phone with the digital parcel pass. If people have a question? They can easily make a one-click call to your customer service as well as drop them an email without searching for contact details. Or they can provide feedback.

The digital parcel pass is also interactive. On the day of delivery, you can notify the recipient when exactly the parcel will arrive in an extremely efficient way – right on the lock screen of the mobile phone. So that the first delivery attempt is successful, and the recipient does not waste time waiting for the parcel.

In order to further enhance the customer experience, you might want to add information about the geographical location of the pick-up place to the digital parcel pass. As soon as the recipient reaches a certain place, the corresponding digital parcel pass and a personalized message will pop up on the locked screen. The digital parcel pass can be opened directly from the lock screen without a need to search for it.

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At the end of the day, every digital parcel pass can be changed after it’s saved on people’s mobile phones. So when a particular parcel gets delivered, you can convert it for instance into a digital discount coupon for a future order. So you can keep customers notified about your new offers and great offers and discounts with your selected partners. And establish a new way of communication making them feel special and appreciated. All that in a cost-effective manner.

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