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The sports competitions in the world are underway despite difficult conditions. All Europe soccer and US football leagues are also kicking off their seasons. This is a time of fans’ excitement, joy, and sadness. And of the safety measures that keep everyone safe.

We might see fans fighting over the slimmer number of seats available in stadiums as the seats are to be socially distanced. People might be required to wear a mask and respect social distancing upon entering the stadiums. And to sanitize hands at every corner. That is if anyone gets to the stadium at all. As what it looks like in Europe for now.

Why To Introduce Mobile Ticketing?

This is also a good time for tickets to go mobile-only. So fans can get into stadiums without touching staff working at the gates. Such a shift to mobile-only tickets will also provide a better guard against fake tickets. And the end of the print-at-home pdf tickets times.

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People will buy digital tickets and season passes online. They will get their digital tickets via email, and they can be downloaded to their mobile wallets, such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. The process is simple. And before reaching the gate, fans will just open their mobile wallet, select their ticket, and hold their mobile phone near the scanner. It’s just like scanning your boarding pass at the airport. People can have multiple tickets on their mobile phones. For their family to enter, or for multiple games. They are able to swipe through available tickets in the mobile wallet.

Mobile ticketing is the safest, most convenient, and flexible way to receive tickets. It also allows for a quick, truly contactless and eco-conscious entry into venues, while improving health and safety measures for people. It also reduces the risk of lost, stolen, counterfeit, or forgotten tickets. Contactless mobile tickets might become the standard in sports and entertainment.

Prague Lions, a Czech football club, already provides fans with digital season tickets for mobile wallets. Upon arriving at a game, the mobile wallet already presents the right digital season ticket on the lock screen. People can just tap and show. Even if there is no internet access.

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The mobile wallets enable a connection to the people. Mobile tickets are interactive and dynamic. People can be provided with useful real-time information. Clickable links on the backside allow for checking schedules, reading about highlights, downloading guides conveniently directly from a mobile phone.

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