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Apple Pay was designed to replace our leather wallets. And Apple is well on its way to doing just that. In today’s world, Apple Pay is truly one of the best ways to shop online and in person, and is much more secure than cards or cash. It is a secure and easy way for people to make purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.

But What Is Apple Wallet?

Let’s just be clear – Apple Pay and Apple Wallet are completely different apps, though they do work together. The Wallet is a mobile wallet app for iPhone and Apple Watch. It is a secure, organized folder that allows people to add, view and manage their boarding passes, frequent flyer cards, event tickets, season tickets and single-game tickets, gift cards, and rewards or loyalty cards, coupons, student ID cards, public transport passes and much more.

This digital content is a digital representation of information that might otherwise be printed on small pieces of paper or plastic. It shows up in Apple’s native app and lets people take action in the real world. The Wallet digital content is easy to use offering a great user experience. All my mobile wallet digital content is also automatically synced between my iPhone and my Apple Watch when I add it to Wallet.

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The Wallet digital content can be distributed in three ways: as an attachment to an email message, downloaded from a website, or through a mobile app. Typically, you will see the “Add to Apple Wallet” badge in each way businesses choose to distribute their Wallet digital content.

Once on the phone, a piece of the Wallet digital content can be triggered by my location and time. So, for instance, a boarding pass will pop up when I am at the airport before departure, or a discount coupon and a reminder with the current offer will pop up when I am walking down the street around my favorite shop in the neighborhood. This means I don’t need to think of it and it is easy to find it when I need it.

In addition to that, airlines can provide me with update notifications of gate changes or departure delays. Or the shop owner can replace my expired discount coupon with a new one and notify me about his new promotion.

How To Re-Order Wallet Content?

When a new piece of digital content is added, it automatically populates at the top. You can then easily change the order of how your cards, tickets or passes are displayed. Whether you want to keep your cards and passes in alphabetical order, have your event tickets in chronological order, or put the one you use the most frequently at the top.

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To re-arrange your Apple Wallet, press and hold the piece you want to move. Then drag it to your preferred location and let go. To remove a piece from your Apple Wallet, choose it, and open the backside by tapping the three dots symbol that stays for “More” in the top right corner. Select “Remove Pass” and confirm.

Welcome To The Digital Age

Apple Wallet also stores payment information from your credit cards, debit cards, or prepaid cards for Apple Pay, then allows you to use your device to make purchases. It lets you manage them easily, too.

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So to make the long story short, Apple Wallet is a mobile wallet app you can use for making mobile payments, boarding a flight, saving coupons, and so much more. And in tandem with Apple Pay, the Apple Wallet app is a secure way to handle all your payment needs, without the need for physical cards or cash. Forgot your leather wallet … and welcome to the digital age.

How many payment cards and rewards or loyalty cards are you carrying around right now? An average American carries 17 cards. It is time to lighten up and switch to a mobile wallet. We have grown comfortable using mobile phones to replace cameras and computers, and now they are about to replace plastic payment cards and cash. Believe it or not, almost half of the transactions will be made without using cash very soon. I go to restaurants, shopping, or petrol stations just with my mobile phone no longer carrying a leather wallet.

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