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Businesses issue or give customer cards to their customers to show appreciation and reward them. After a plastic or paper customer card is given to your customer, you have to wait until the customer’s experience and interaction with your business resumes. In other words, you can’t talk to a piece of plastic or paper.

What was once a trend is now a way of life. The vast majority of people across the globe are using only their mobile phones to access the internet. And it is expected to continue growing in the years to come. People have been becoming “mobile-only” more and more. It is time for small businesses to ask themselves: How mobile-focused are my marketing activities and content?

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Retailers and service providers still often use physical customer loyalty cards to identify people. But it requires people to remember to carry and present their paper or plastic cards at checkout. And there is nothing worse for your customer than realizing that he or she forgot the card while waiting in the checkout line.

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Digitizing your loyalty program is a great way to differentiate yourself from others. Any start-up and small business can build and run a smart and simple loyalty program by integrating customer cards with mobile wallets in a very cost-efficient manner. Your branded digital customer card can live in the customer’s mobile wallet such as Apple Wallet and Google Pay. People will not need to download another loyalty app to join your customer program. You can easily share your digital customer cards with your customers in multiple ways such as text messages, emails, and QR codes. And people would just simply add them to their mobile wallets.

Use Push Notifications To Reconnect With Customers

Your digital customer cards for mobile wallets will become a new communication channel for your deals, promotions, and discounts with real-time updates and push notifications. You can use push notifications to re-engage your customers and incentivize them to return with messages delivered in a new and extremely effective way — straight on their lock screen. Push notifications allow you for the most direct customer communication at the right time or in the right place. Without emails or text messages.

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Here are the six proven ways push notifications can help small businesses reconnect and engage with their customers again:

[1] Promotions, discounts, and special offers — get feet through your doors, or checkouts on your website, by offering your loyal customers promotions, discounts, and special offers via your digital customer cards in their mobile wallets to remind your customers that you are back in business;

[2] Personalized deals — while launching a new product or service, you can create a personalized campaign to tell a certain audience about it;

[3] Important notifications — as restrictions lift only slowly, you might want to make sure your customers know your operating hours or encourage them to use online services when your doors are closed;

[4] Collecting feedback — reaching out to your customers through the mobile phone is a great way that generates the best responses as people are always there;

[5] Replacing email newsletters — with inboxes overflowing and emails often going straight to the trash, any time when there is a new post on your blog, people can receive a push notification to keep them updated;

[6] Well-wishes and thank you’s — your customers are the heartbeat of your business, and they need to know you value and appreciate them … you will be surprised at how far sending a little thank-you or best-wishes message can take you;

[7] Cross-promoting — without having a generous budget, it is wise to approach neighboring businesses about joining your promotional efforts and ask them to cross-promote with you.

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