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If you create it, they will come, right? Not necessarily when it comes to surveys. Creating your survey is just the start. Then you have to figure out how to actually get your customers to take it. People receive tons of messages every week. So how do you cut through the noise and get them to pay attention to your survey? People are likely to take your survey if you are giving them what they want.

Provide Incentives

Positive incentives such as money, rewards, or recognition motivate us to take action. And we tend to prefer small rewards sooner than large rewards later. Yet there are many pros and cons of incentivizing surveys. On the one hand, you don’t want to encourage people who rush through surveys just because you offer them an incentive. But on the other hand, people may not be compelled to give you their feedback unless they have an extreme opinion about you, good or bad.

People receive tons of messages

Give People What They Want

Let’s face it – completing a survey takes time. So it makes sense to entice customers to take your survey. Incentives increase survey response rates. Your customers want to have a small reward for sacrificing their time here and now. So promise them incentives upfront for doing you the favor of completing your survey. Such as a discount for their next purchase, a gift card, a giveaway, a raffle for the chance to win free merchandise, or a bonus content that is exclusive for your survey participants. Then ask. People are also more likely to take a survey if they find the topic interesting. And we typically become interested in things that we believe are directly related to us. So get people interested in your survey. Make it specific to your customer’s experience.

Today’s specials

Digital Coupon

Digital discount coupons for mobile wallets are an effective marketing tool for small businesses. Well, you run your store, restaurant or cafe. So you might want to simply print a QR code containing a link to your digital discount coupon on your cash receipts. The QR or Quick Response code is a machine-readable optical label that contains a piece of information – such as the Internet address of your digital discount coupon.

Print a QR code with a link to your digital discount coupon on your cash receipts

It is fundamental to train your staff to promote your digital discount coupon. They should encourage each and every customer to scan the QR code right away and download your digital discount coupon for the next purchase to their mobile wallets. Digital discount coupons can do much more than paper ones. Customers can then redeem their digital coupons by presenting them on the mobile phone screen during their next purchase.

Collect feedback

But before they will do so, you want to collect feedback from today’s purchase right? You should include a clickable link to your survey on the backside of the digital discount coupon. And make sure your survey is mobile-friendly. As your survey is for the benefit of your customers, you should show them that the survey is about them.

At the end of the business day, you can update your digital discount coupon sending a push notification to all customers who have added it into their mobile wallet during that day. Describe the value of taking the survey. Explain why feedback is so important for your business. It is your customers’ opportunity to have a voice and share their input. You can use a new digital coupon each day. So it is easy to control your messaging and you are in a better position to identify and analyze responses.

Update your digital discount coupon sending a push notification

After the redemption, people can be encouraged to keep the digital coupon. And a few weeks later, the same digital coupon can be updated with a new offer. It is a very easy way to reach your customers. Sending out a push notification will place a message on your customer’s lock screen. You can remind them about your current offer or provide an update.

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