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Customer satisfaction is one of the few levers small businesses can pull to differentiate themselves in competitive marketplaces. The best customer experience usually wins. That’s why customer satisfaction surveys matter.

Go Mobile

Selecting the right channel to ask your customers for feedback might take you to various options. Such as to a feedback widget on your website, social media poll, email (that is however often viewed as spam), or live chat. And mobile phone, of course.

The recent pandemic is helping Apple, Google and other tech companies replace our wallets with our mobile phones. Before this pandemic, mobile payments were driven by convenience. While convenience is still very important, the pandemic has also put a spotlight on how safe mobile payments are. Contactless payments are a stepping stone. When the pandemic recedes, many of us will go out just with our keys and mobile phone. All major credit cards work with mobile wallets. Yet mobile wallets are not just about payments. Mobile wallets provide a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform. As your digital coupons, tickets, boarding passes, or loyalty and customer cards work with them very well, too.

Mobile wallets provide a new and powerful marketing and loyalty platform

Reaching out to your customers through the mobile phone is a great way that generates the best responses. People overwhelmingly prefer mobile for surveys. Twice as many brand experiences happen on mobile phones than anywhere else, including TV, or in-store. 8 out of 10 mobile brand experiences are described as positive as it is easy, helpful, and convenient. Businesses should meet their customers where they are and tailor their surveys around their customers’ preferred channel. So people can respond with minimal effort.

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Digital Stay Pass

You maybe run your hotel or make your living in a super competitive space of VIP and concierge services. And you provide your guests with a digital stay pass for the mobile wallet. Instead of an old-fashioned plastic card with a magnetic strip, or a not really environment-friendly paper print-out.

Engage your guest with the most direct communication

This digital stay pass plays the role of a smart bookmark to the entire stay providing people with all details. It can also help you engage your guest with the most direct communication. Get his attention upon his departure and politely ask for his opinion.

Get his attention upon his departure

There is nothing easier than using the geo-location messaging feature on your digital stay pass. A creative message that includes a clickable link to your survey will pop up on your guest’s mobile phone lock screen at predefined locations. For example in the check-in area at the town’s airport, railway station, bus terminal, or major petrol stations. Such location-based notifications feel extremely relevant.

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Green Mobility

The German FlixMobility is a rapidly growing technology company that has become a leading European mobility platform. It enables people to get from A to B comfortably, quickly, and affordably by green FlixBus long-distance buses. Everyone probably knows them by now. They basically changed the way millions of people travel in Europe in less than seven years.

Never Stop Improving

Oliver Cromwell, one of the most controversial figures in British history, lived in the 1600s. Until the present time, he is called a dictator by some, and a hero by others. He said once: “He who stops being better stops being good.” I truly believe that in today’s fast-changing world, learning new things has to be seen as something that never stops. Like when sailing against the wind. If you are not good enough in how to go forward, you will suddenly find yourself going backward.

Prescription For Customer Engagement

You run your pharmacy or a health care centre. You might already know that establishing a loyalty program is an effective way to attract people. And you might even know that a loyalty program also encourages additional spending. But you keep repeating to yourself: There is no way of implementing such a thing with my independent pharmacy, or my health care centre.

Not Just A Ticket. A Channel.

The iconic Wembley Stadium, the largest stadium in the UK and the second-largest stadium in Europe with 90,000 seats, launched its contactless mobile-only ticketing innovation about two years ago. The mobile ticket technology allows fans to seamlessly and securely enter live events with contactless tickets added to their mobile wallets such as Apple Wallet or Google Pay. What are you waiting for?


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